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Anxiety, aside of the occasional state of anxiousness that everyone can experience ever now and then, can be a serious state of health. Termed ‘Anxiety disorder’, a number of mental conditions define the distress that prevents people from living a normal life. Characteristic for this anxiety syndrome are persistent, overwhelming states of worry and fear. These phases can be disabling, and may appear unmanageable. Panic, phobias, compulsion, and depression may combine, leaving the individual unable to lead a normal life.


Homeopathy with its holistic approach to healthcare can provide means to alleviate of the symptoms, and can assist the recovery from an anxiety disorder.


Some homeopathic remedies and their anxiety profile:



This is a remedy that treats great fear and anxiety that comes suddenly. The individual has premonitions and fears the future. There is a tendency to start accompanied by physical and mental restlessness and anguish.



This is a remedy for the bad effects of fright, fear or emotional excitement. Physical ailments develop as a consequence of such triggers. There may be drowsiness, dizziness, dullness and trembling.



This is a highly emotional remedy. The need for it is triggered by worry and grief, shock and disappointment. The individual is easily excited, is nervous, erratic. There is silent brooding, sadness and melancholy, sighing and sobbing.



In need of this remedy is someone who demonstrates a lack of vitality, is sluggish, delirious. There may be scary imaginativeness.


Verratrum album:

This remedy is characterized by weakness, collapse. There may be shrieking, cursing and frenzy. There is melancholy, mania and stupor. The individual is indifferent.





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