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Gelsemium is a wonderful little remedy that should not be lacking in a well-stocked homeopathic home-kit. It is a helper where emotional excitement, brings on the feeling of being ‘unwell’; and where staying concentrated or fixing ones attention is difficult.


It is also indicated where a headache is accompanied by muscular soreness of the neck and shoulders. In the event of having the lenses of eyeglasses adjusted, Gelsemium can help the eyesight adapt and removes that initial sensation of vision blurring and discomfort.


In fever or the common cold there may be flushing, heat and heaviness of the face, accompanied by coldness of the feet. The coryza that is common of Gelsemium is watery and excoriating, with dryness and swelling. Sneezing is followed by tingling and congestion of the nose. At the same time hearing may be impaired. Throat symptoms may be dryness, burning and hoarseness, with difficulty swallowing. There is the sensation of a lump in the throat and of the perception of swallowing the tonsils. Children tend to wish to be held because of a trembling sensation that may be perceived during fever. Chilliness may be experienced as waves going up and down the back. There is great exhaustion, muscular soreness, dizziness and thirstlessness. Thirstlessness is a major indication for Gelsemium. In measles Gelsemium helps to bring out the eruption on the skin. The cough of Gelsemium is dry and there is soreness of the chest and weakness of the voice.


Gelsemium is also a remedy for the sensitivity to weather changes, dampness and cold may bring on the complaints.


Gelsemium is a ‘must have’ in the home remedy kit!





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