* “A Critical Analysis of Organopathy in Diagnosis and Practice”

* “The Homeopathic Treatment of Sports-Injuries”

* “Boosting fitness and avoiding injury” – Homeopathy in Practice, Summer 2012

* “Science, Evidence-based Medicine and CAM…´s controversial!”  guest post at:

* “The homeopathic therapeutic relationship – a patient-centred union”  guest post at:

* “The Hahnemannian Art of Taking a Case”

* “The Hahnemannian Art of Prescribing”

* “The Homeopathic treatment of sports injuries: A mixed systematic review exploring effectiveness”. Uta Mittelstadt, Rehana B. Issat, Jean E. Duckworth. Journal of Case Studies in Homeopathy 2013; 1(3): 9 – 5

Available online:


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