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I am a homeopath, a writer, a researcher, a student and lifelong learner. I am an artist, a traveler, a citizen of the world. I am a crab, born in June.



A gentle approach to health care, rather than sick care has always been a major aim for me. I strongly believe that appropriate health care can avoid the need for sick care, and that any necessary sick care can be positively influenced and resolved by the gentle alternative treatment approaches. I do not oppose conventional medicine, it has brought much advancement, but I believe in a gentler, less invasive approach to healing, that has as little as possible side-effects, is agreeable with the patient in his weakened, ill state, and is in its cure holistic, that is, takes into consideration the patient in his totality.



Therefore I propagate an integrative approach to sick care where conventional and alternative therapies complement each other, and the patient may receive as much alternative, gentle care as is possible, and as much conventional aid as is necessary.



I am a classical homeopath and passionate about my healing art! I have studied Homeopathy for many years and have grown up with it as my constant reliable escort. I have a BSc and an MSc in homeopathic medicine from the University of Central Lancashire / U.K..



As I am inquisitive and always seek to get to the root of things, I research and investigate, and as I love to write, I share my findings on this blog and on ‘CLEVER H. – the Mag‘, a magazine created ‘by homeopaths, for homeopaths, with the patient in mind!’.

I practice at CARECLIN. CareClin is a specialty clinic. We propagate homeopathic treatment and provide individualized, patient-centered therapeutic relationships that focus on the patient and his or her recovery. 

13 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Clever Homeopathy.

    Please put your name and some information on where you practise, etc. It will help readers relate to you as a person not just a blog name.

    Kind regards,
    Vimala Murali
    Allswell Homeopathy & Wellness Clinic, Singapore

  2. Dr R.C. Mishra said:

    good effort

  3. A very personable blog site.
    Good luck in all your efforts.
    Gerhard Miller

  4. Nagabhushanam Valiveti said:

    Dear friend, I read your article on Organopathy. It is very educative. You being a classical homeopath said to practice an integrative approach where conventional and Homeo are complement to each other. It looks funny. I appreciate your openness. Do you take help of conventional medcine (not pathological invetigations) in every case. What is your threshhold limit to take help of allopathy in non-surgical cases. – Thanks

    • Hi,
      An integrative approach does not imply that I rely on conventional medicine in all cases. No, to me, integrative approach refers to the fact that in individual cases, where necessary, a conventional case can be complemented by homeopathic treatment, or a homeopathic case may need a conv.med. intervention to follow or supplement. I mean, a cancer patient receiving conv.med. may still want to have homeopathic assistance for side-effects, for example. Of course this applies to surgical cases, the broken leg needs conventional fixing, while homeopathy can give necessary assistance in its healing. There is no threshold limit, that is the wrong approach, how much conv.med. is necessary depends on the case, the patients decision etc. In general, I hope to be able to team ‘as much homeopathy as is possible, with as much conv.med. as is necessary!’
      Kind regards

  5. Dr. Srijon Chatterjee said:

    Very nice, lucid, informative! Good job!

  6. Dr.Dipankar Bakshi said:

    Hello Dear Madam UTA, Like you ,I am also a classical Hahnemannian Homoeopathic Physician passing out from the University of CALCUTTA, India as a Homoeopathic Medical Graduate.Thank you very much for promoting and spreading the real message of Pure Homoeopathy in a classical way.Please carry on your Noble work and enlighten the Homoeopathic Fraternity with some latest news from time to time.
    Warm regards,
    Dr.Dipankar Bakshi

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