Clever Homeopathy

*Aude sapere* ..dare to know..of a gentle holistic aid in the recovery from imbalance in health, following the principles of Hahnemannian classical homeopathy. Restoring the entire organism to harmony following the principles of “like cures like”, idiosyncrasy and potentization.

The research, experiential reports, and articles posted on this blog are intended to promote thought and discussion on topics surrounding homeopathy. Its title is “Clever Homeopathy” because within Hahnemannian classical homeopathy, lies much knowledge and wisdom for health and for life. This blog aims at sharing and learning from and with like-minded people, practitioners and lay persons alike.

Your thoughts and comments are invited! There may not be agreement on all points made, but freedom of thought is acknowledged.  Copyright of what is posted remains with the authors and must be respected. Please join in and be part of clever homeopathy!


Who runs this blog? I do. I am Uta Mittelstadt. I am a homeopath, a blogger, a writer, a researcher, a student and lifelong learner. I am also an artist and a traveler. I am a citizen of the world, a crab, born in June.


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