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Aconitum napellus (C200): This remedy is indicated for all events that are sudden and shocking. All situations and events that come as a surprise or have not as such been experienced call for this remedy. Any event that happens without a warning calls for Aconitum. There is great anxiety and fear. Fear for life even. This can be the case where there has been an accident, a sudden injury, a forest fire, an earthquake. The individual is tense, greatly nervous and anxious, restless, overwhelmed, excited and irritated. There is a disposition to want to walk away from the situation or the place of anxiety.

Sulfuricum Acidum (C30): This is one of the go to remedies for complaints of intoxication with smoke of fumes. In forest fires, the inhalation and exposure of ‘too much’ fire smoke can cause symptoms of tension & pressure in the eyelids with irritation and cutting pain in the eyes. The headache is one of a compressed pressure. There may also be vertigo.

Dryness, roughness and a sore feeling of the throat may be present. If there is a cough, this may produce a slimy expectoration.

The person needing this remedy may be nervous, irritable, anxious, confused, hurried and may exhibit symptoms of exhaustion, lethargy, loss of vigor and bodily strength, headache, cold sweats, trembling.

Grindelia (C30): This is a remedy that may help where much fumes and smoke have been inhaled and have caused difficulty breathing/dyspnoea. This remedy acts on the pulmonary circulation. There may be wheezing and oppression in the lungs with a foamy, profuse and tenacious expectoration that is difficult to detach. The normal breathing has interruptions that may even prevent sleeping. The individual cannot breath lying down and must sit up, and may start from sleep and gasp for breath. The individual is greatly exhausted.

SPECIFIC HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES for complaints that may arise following the exposure to fires: Continue reading (PDF)HERE