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This is a remedy that comes in handy where the little accidents in the household need tending to.


Hypericum must be thought of in injuries to the fingers or toes; in particular where the nails and the tips of respective digits are concerned. Where such injuries are extremely painful, as for example from mechanical impact, nails, splinters, needles or hammer, and wounds are of lacerated, punctured or crushed nature, Hypericum is indicated. The associated pain may be excruciating. Such injuries not infrequently cause neural damage. Here Hypericum can greatly relief of associated symptoms and pain.


Hypericum is needed where neural damage involves inflammation of the concerned nerve, and is accompanied by symptoms of numbness, burning and the sensation of tingling. Injuries that stem from animal bites may express such symptomatology, as may neuralgia of the face where there may also be tearing and pulling in the affected area. It is also a remedy indicated in spinal concussion with muscular jerking and twitching, lameness, inability of walking, cramps in calves, crawling in hands or feet. Here the slightest movement of arms or neck makes the patient cry in agony. There is a general sore, bruised feeling.


In the homeopathic home-kit Hypericum is, generally speaking, a remedy for traumatic wounds and neural affections. The shock and fright from such traumatic injury can leave the patient nervous and depressed. The perception of pain is then much increased. Mentally, this patient may express confusion, heaviness, vertigo, may be irritable, may forget what he or she was going to say, may forget letters when writing. There may be weakness and numbness in limbs, with crawling and trembling in hands and feet.





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