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Arnica is an all-rounder in the homeopathic home-kit, and definitely a must have! It is indicated for all those injuries, bruises and traumas that may well occur in the household, while conducting household chores, gardening, or out at play or recreation. It may be the muscular bruise from bumping into the table corner, or that from handling a garden tool; it may be the soreness following an over-exertion form work, exercise or play, all are handled very well with Arnica.


Pain that shouts for Arnica is one that feels as if bruised or beaten, or has the sensation of a sprain or dislocation. The soreness of muscles of Arnica may be followed by swelling or stiffness of the affected area, and damage to the skin, such as hematoma, contusion or trauma, may leave the injured area red, bluish, green, yellow or even blackish.


For fever, Arnica may be the right choice if there is shivering and cold all over the body, but the head is red and hot, or where there is coldness of the extremities, but internally the sensation is one of heat.


Arnica has a broad spectrum of indications, for example the symptoms of arteriosclerosis, often accompanied with hypotension, coronary sclerosis, muscle and joint rheumatism, stiffness of joints, rheumatoid pains, and others. It is a remedy indicated following surgery, as it helps speed up the healing process. As such it is also ideal for treatment after tooth extraction or during child birth. It is for nosebleed after coughing, for swelling of the throat in acute tonsillitis, and the hoarseness of the voice after extensive talk. It is one major remedy for cases of angina pectoris, concussion and apoplexy. Such severe health concerns though, belong into the hands of a capable professional homeopath or other health care provider.




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