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Its summer, schools out and you are ready to hit the road, board the plane, train, or boat and head towards your holiday destination. You are looking forward to the relaxing and reinvigorating time, yet just out of town or up in the air, you or your little ones are feeling unwell. It’s the road, the float or carriage on the wind, it makes sick. Now what?


Travel-sickness can instantly destroy all of the glee, joy and happiness associated with the anticipated vacation. I would know, because a mere 3 km out of my hometown the main road falls into a set of ‘murderous’ serpentine curves, leaving me in a state of nauseous delirium. “Stop making such a fuzz. It can’t be that bad”, is what I often get to hear. But, it is that bad! Luckily, since becoming a homeopath, I know that there’s a remedy for that!


Travel sickness? There´s a homeopathic remedy for that!


Since I have that appropriate remedy at hand, travel sickness is a thing of the past for me. So, for fellow sufferers, below is a collation of remedies I have used to alleviate the presenting symptoms.


Cocculus: The #1 remedy for travel sickness and sea sickness. There is dizziness with every movement, and this is accompanied by great nausea and frequently also vomiting. A keynote is disgust and nausea at the thought of, and particularly at the smell of food. The taste in the mouth is metallic, and the stomach feels hollow, as if without food for an extended amount of time. There is loss of appetite and the individual feels faint. Lying down in a warm room ameliorates. This sickness also occurs when the individual watches objects move. (Personal hint: Do not eat right before travelling – This sickness is worse if drink or food have been ingested just ahead of traveling).


Tabacum: In the event of this sickness there is the sensation of an incessant deathly nausea. Opening the eyes creates a ‘sick’ headache accompanied by said deathly nausea. The stomach feels empty, with a sinking feeling.  There may be sour, violent vomiting. The individual feels terribly faint. In a warm room and in open air the individual feels worse. The least motion or drinking can cause vomiting. Tobacco smoke is unbearable. The individual looks deathly pale, sunken, as if collapsed, and has cold sweat covering the face. He or she wants to uncover the abdomen.


Petroleum: This remedy is particularly indicated for sea and travel sickness that is improved by eating. There is a feeling of great emptiness in the stomach. Appetite may be increased. There may be vomiting, but not necessarily. Vertigo and dizziness are felt in the head, at the occiput. It feels like the heavy head after intoxication with alcohol, and is accompanied by nausea. Salivation is increased. The abdomen is bloated. There is a strong aversion to meat and fatty foods. There may be increased burping and belching. The individual is better for warmth and lying with an elevated head.


Nux vomica: Nux is indicated for seasickness and travel sickness where there is persistence of nausea; bitter or sour vomiting, with vertigo and an intoxicated feeling. There may be occipital headache that worsens by conducting certain movements, or the head pain may stretch across the front of the head, above the eyes, with the desire to press the head against a hard surface. The vertigo feels like the brain is rotating. It feels like there is a swimming movement inside the head. There is a general sensitivity to noise, odour and light. Lying down ameliorates. (Personal hint: Sitting in the front seat of the car with a clear view of the road ahead helps alleviate travel sickness).


Borax: In Borax there is a true dread of downward movement, as in the motion of a plane landing, or a boat lowering on the waves of the sea. Like in the characteristic fear of falling, the downward motion produces anxiety and nervousness that shows in the facial expression of the individual. The downward motion, that also can occur when walking down a staircase, may cause vertigo and nausea. This sickness may produce vomiting.  (Borax is also the remedy indicated for babies that start and want to be lifted when put to bed. They also do not like being rocked or carried down the stairs.)






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