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Removes blanket despite being cold – Mur. ac., Camph., Carbo veg., Sec., Tab.

Acne following the ingestion of cheese – Nux vom.

Allergy / Intolerance to Strawberries – Coff., Fragaria, Nat. mur.

Breathing, as through a sponge – Brom., Spong.

Feels observed – Calc., Meli.

Beer ameliorates – Aloe

Disgust at sight of food – Colch.

Disgust at talk of food – Ars.

Extra-systole – Adon., Cact., Conv., Crat., Dig., Gels., Spart.-sc.

Believes does everything wrong – Aur., Sil.

Extremities as if separated from body – Bapt., Bar.-c., Op., Stram., Thuja

Smiles without reason, always – Sumbulus

Music ameliorates, despite intolerance to noise – Aur.

Climate at sea, ameliorates – Med., Nat.mur.

Climate at sea, aggravates – Nat.mur.

Talks to self, in old age – Stram.

Toothache, cold water ameliorates – Clem., Coff.

Reaction to pain is delayed  – Alum., Cocc., Mang., Plb.

Hallucinations upon waking – Cina

Senility, asks questions without awaiting a response – Ambra

Strawberry tongue – Ant.t., Arum, Bell., Fragaria, Lach., Tub.






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