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Iron in the body acts as a transporter of oxygen to the cells. The constitutional type of the Ferrums is thin, sensitive, and irritable, with delicate, transparent skin. They are easily excitable and quickly get exhausted, are weak. There is pallor, a tendency to blushing. Mucous membranes are pale and the extremities feel cold. Their veins shine through the skin. There is fever, bleeding and anaemia in their case-histories. There may be ovarian dysfunction, with irregularities of menses. Digestive disturbances are marked, as are rheumatism, congestive headaches and neuralgic pains. A leading symptomatology is the aggravation at night, on sitting and lying down, with a need to lie down; a periodicity is given, and a worsening of state during and after eating. Aversion to meat.




Ferrum aceticum.:

Rapid growth. Pallor & rapid exhaustion in children. Epistaxis. In acute disease urine is alkaline. Pain in deltoid on right side. Varices on feet. Expectoration copious, of greenish pus. Asthma that is aggravated by lying or sitting still. Haemoptysis, Phthisis with coughing consistently. Vomiting after eating.



Ferrum arsenicosum:

Anemic, weak children without appetite. Chlorosis. Cachexia. Albuminuria. Pernicious anaemia. Enlargement of spleen & liver, with fever (without fever Ferr. Iod. is indicated). In fever face is flushed and sweaty. Severe blood diseases. Malaria. Nephritis. Undigested stools. Albuminuria. Dry skin. Eczema, psoriasis, impetigo.



Ferrum bromatum:

Weak, anemic people with depression. Pressure and heaviness in eyes & head. Scalp feels numb, dead. Dryness of nose & mouth, ameliorated by sneezing. Sticky mucus. Diarrhoea with bloody mucus, tenesmus & the feeling of an intestinal prolapse. Excoriating, sticky leucorrhoea & unpleasant sensation of heaviness & sinking in the uterus. Spermatorrhoea with anemia, debility & depression.



Ferrum cyanatum:

Irritable weakness & hypersensitivity in periodical neurosis. Cardiac pain with symptoms of nausea, constipation alternating with diarrhoea, flatulence. Chorea. Epilepsy.



Ferrum iodatum:

Acute nephritis following disease, debility from lack of vital force. Glandular enlargement, and tumorous growths. Sensation as if peristaltic of oesophagus were reversed in throat. Affections of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory system. Mucous membranes are red and there is burning. Taste is sharp, burning, metallic, bitter, pasty. Goitre.

Photophobia, Headache with confusion and heaviness. Lancinating/cutting pains in eyes, ears, from nose to occiput.

Feeling of satiety after only little food. Great thirst, no hunger.  Feeling of oppression about the chest, beneath the sternum. Sudden, sharp, sticking pains in chest. Heart beat increased with sensation of throbbing in blood-vessels. Sensation of crawling in urethra & rectum; urine of dark colour & sweetish smell. Incontinence in anaemic children, cannot retain urine.

Sensation of ‘bearing down’ of uterus, prolapse. Suppressed or scanty menses. Febrile sensation with increased pulse, but without actual rise in temperature. Sleep is restless. Worms, enlarged liver & spleen.



Ferrum magneticum:

Self-sufficiency, assuming an “air of importance”.

Pulsating headache with sudden attacks in eyes & nose. Darkness before right eye, halo-vision that is improved by eating. Itching mouth & nose.

Affections of intestinal tract are marked. Movement & grumbling in abdomen, particularly on left side. Urgency of urination and evacuation. Flatulence while eating & after meals, followed by lassitude and the sensation of heat & pain in the epigastrium. Loose evacuations with much flatulency. Flatulence is fetid, frequent & abundant, can be with liquid evacuation. Itching of anus.

Sleep not refreshing, awakening at 3 am. Prompt sleeping on lying down, with drowsiness.

Small warts on hands. Gums bleed upon slightest pressure. Facial heat followed by redness. Scalp itchy, painful scabs. Loss of hair. Increased salivation; sensation of mucous sticking to uvula. Paralytic weakness.



Ferrum metallicum:

Young, weakly individuals, anaemic & pale, pseudo-plethora, blush easily, fiery red. Major remedy for female puberty. Cold extremities, over-sensitiveness, worse following exertion and activity. Weakness from mere speaking or walking. Weakness is not visible, individual looks strong. Pallor of skin, mucous membranes, alternating with blushing. Blushing of face from slightest exertion or emotion. Flabby, relaxed muscles. Sensitivity to slightest noise. Irritability. The sight of flowing water causes vertigo; sensation of falling forward.

Headache stinging, hammering, pulsating, congestive; can extend to teeth. Ringing in ears prior to onset of menses. Pain located in back of head. Scalp painful; if hair is tied up, it must be let down. Headaches reoccur periodically.

Tendency to nose-bleed. Photophobia, vision is cloudy, reading causes letters to blur. Pain in teeth, ameliorated by icy cold water.

Great appetite or lack of it; aversion of all things sour. Vomiting directly after eating. Bloating in stomach after eating, with the sensation of heat and burning. Intolerance to eggs. Meat lies heavy in stomach. Hardness of abdomen. Heaviness in epigastrium.

Stools hard, urging is ineffectual. Backache & cramping in rectum following evacuation. Vegetative diarrhoea that is painless, watery, corrosive or slimy, undigested; at night, after, or during eating. Burning at anus. Tickling in urethra, involuntary day-time urination. Constant urge to urinate.

Menses irregular, too early, profuse, copious, long, intermittent or delayed. Pale and watery, stop for 1 or 2 days & then come back.  Release of big black clots. Pains birth like. Amenorrhoea, menorrhagia with anaemia. Appearance of varicose veins & acne during menses. Menses are exhausting & accompanied by headache.

Cardiac palpitation, throbbing & oppression in chest, worse by motion, readily comes on from  nervous causes. Breathing superficial.

Rheumatism in shoulder, shooting & tearing. Cracking in shoulder. Pain in hip-joint, tibia, soles and heel of feet, tearing, violent lancination. Lumbago, ameliorated by slow motion. Extremities are cold, palms of hands and soles of feet are hot.

Prolonged motion ameliorates. Nocturnal restlessness urges to movement is paired with weakness that urges to rest.



Ferrum muriaticum:

Loquacity. Pale face & red spots on cheeks. Blushes easily.

Inspiration is difficult. Dyspnoea from slightest exertion. Coughing causes pain in occiput.

Throat, severe sense of burning, mouth dry. Sour eructation, bilious after fatty foods, vomiting after eating.

Bruised pain & stitching in chest.

Weakness of limbs. Paralytic tearing in shoulder-joint, arm. Acute inflammatory rheumatism of right shoulder-joint. Right elbow. Like Ferr. Aceticum indicated for pains in the right shoulder.

Great piercing pains along whole length of colon. Diarrhoea with pains in limbs. Dark watery stools. Obstinate constipation.

Diabetes, enuresis, enlarged prostate. Metrorrhagia. Arrested menstruation. Copious urination & seminal emission in puperty. Vertigo & severe neuralgic pains. Bleeding. Diphtheria. Haemoptysis of clotted, dark blood. Pyelitis. Phlegmonous erysipelas. Cramps. Urine contains bright crystals. Anaemia.



Ferrum pernitricum:

Indicated in feeble & nervous women that have diarrhea. Glandular enlargement & obstinate ophthalmia.



Ferrum phosphoricum:

Remedy is indicated for the early stages of all inflammatory affections, peritonitis, cardiac disease, febrile states and inflammation prior to the formation of exudate. Also indicated after surgery on throat or nose to provide relief from soreness and to control bleeding. Laryngitis, acute, spasmodic cough. Inflammation of eye with redness and burning, Sensation as if there were a grain of sand under the eyelid. Vision blurred.

Sensitivity of head to touch, cold & noise. Congestive headache ameliorated by cold application. Hammering pain in forehead & temples, fear of apoplexy. Supra-orbital neuralgia on right side. Blinding headache, photophobia. Nose-bleed relieves headache.

Ill effects from exposure to sun, throbbing, vertigo. Dizziness, as if head pushed forward; all surrounding swims.

Heat, dryness and soreness of face, also palms of hands, neck & upper chest. Flushing of face. Acute otitis, if Belladonna fails to act. Ringing & buzzing in ear.

Hard, dry cough with soreness in chest. Palpitations. Intolerance of clothes touching abdomen  chest. Dull, aching pain  at heart.

Menses profuse with pain on top of head.

Stiffness of neck, violent drawing & tearing rheumatic pains in shoulder and arm, worse from movement. Semi-paralysis. Sub-acute & acute febrile joint rheumatism; attacking one joint after the other. Joints are puffy. Rheumatic affections ameliorated by warmth and covering. Pain and soreness of hip.

Sour eructation & vomiting of undigested matter. Restlessness & sleeplessness. Incontinence. Frequent urgency to pass urine, diurnal enuresis. Emission of urine with every cough. Hemorrhoids. Stools watery, bloody, undigested. Green stools. Hot flatus. Habitual constipation.

Poor appetite with attacks of sickness. Great thirst. Aversion to meat & milk. Symptoms aggravated at night, 4 – 6 am, by touch, movement & on right side. Amelioration from cold applications & continuous movement. Ferr. Phos. may fall into consideration in cases where belladonna is indicated.



Ferrum phosphoricum hydricum:

Malaise, as if not had enough rest & sleep. Affinity to complaints of right side. Sensitivity to cool air. Dull headache on right side. Every concussion is felt as a dull, painful sensation at base of skull. Drowsiness. Rising from stomach, most intense at 9.30 pm.



Ferrum picrinicum:

Gout, where there is chronic deafness & tinnitus, humming in ears. Deafness prior to menses, crackling in ears and voice is low pitched.

Pain along entire urethra, frequent nocturnal micturition, with feeling of fullness of bladder and pressure in rectum.

Right sided pain in neck and down right arm. Impaired movement of arm. Pains in shoulder girdle that are sticking & tearing; aggravated at night. (Ferr. aceticum more right sided; Ferr.met. more left sided).

Tearing & sticking pain from hip-joint into leg. Hip painful as if bruised, on touching, prevents walking. Aggravated evening & lying down, must rise & move about to lessen the pain, up until midnight.

Cramping in calves while resting & at night. Limbs must be moved, cannot be kept at rest. Restless sleep with unpleasant dreams.

Prostatic hypertrophy. Exhaustion. Impaired hearing. Dental neuralgia with radiation to ears & eyes. Indigestion & headache after meals. Icterus. Enlarged prostate. Warts & corns.

A great remedy to complete the actions of other prescriptions. Key-symptom: Failure of an organ-function under exertion.



Ferrum protoxalatum:




Ferrum pyrophosphoricum:

Headache of a congestive sensation, brain congestion, from loss of large amounts of blood. Tarsal cysts.



Ferrum sulphuricum:

Morbus basedow. Anaemia. Bulimia, eructation of food with acidity. Flatulency. Loss of appetite. Pain in region of gall-bladder. Painless watery diarrhoea. Constipation. Severe vertigo with diarrhoea. Pressing throbbing headache. Violent tearing toothache. Copious menstruation; headache, frequently between periods. Metrorrhagia. Menorrhagia. Leucorrhoea. Erethism.



Ferrum tartaricum:

Feeling of great load lying on the entire upper portion of head which leads to gloomy apprehensiveness & congestive apoplexy. Sensation of heat from or at the cardiac orifice of stomach, unaffected by food or drink.





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