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OK, I guess this makes me have to confess to reading horoscopes! Not that I believe in them, or actually live by them, no, but I do read them occasionally, for the fun of it! Those little messages gracing the daily papers, I bet, are written by someone who has no idea of celestial constellations or of how to calculate them. At most they sometimes boast some behavioural, psychological or life-style tips, but most of the time they tell you that you are imminently due to meet the love of your life, or will win millions in the lottery. (LoL ! Heck, how rich I would be if only one of those horoscopes had been right 🙂 ).

What I have found interesting though, are the monthly or yearly horoscopes from astrologers of certain repute. These frequently contain a personality description of the individual star signs. While in my experience their accuracy of predictions is not really much different to that of the daily scopes, their appraisals and descriptions of the zodiac personality types is outstandingly spot on at times!

That said, it is not their predictions of the future I wish to analyze or comment on here; and whilst my scopes, taken from the various media outlets, have always been far from precise, as I have mentioned, I have to acknowledge what a team of scientists and mathematicians once investigated. Their appraisal aimed to confirm that horoscopes had the potential to predict something. They came to the conclusion that the thin red-thread of life that stellar constellations are said to predict, and hence that horoscopes can draw, is indeed a realistic development unique to the individual zodiac signs. And yes, I would say, in retrospect, that a long-term view of overall life direction has had some matching indication in past astrological overviews that I have read.

Yet, it is that astonishingly sharp precision of the description of the constitutional types, grouped into the different zodiac signs, that interests me!

Have you noticed? I wrote “constitutional types”, well, that is how I meant it. The question of whether or not there is such a thing as a constitution and hence a constitutional homeopathic remedy has been subject of discussions and debate. My take on it is, why shouldn’t there be?! We are all individuals of a certain holistic structure, make-up, ‘finger-print’, call it what you will. Following our homeopathic philosophy, one remedy could encompass many features unique to an individual totality! While there are deep and thorough argumentative aspects for or against this hypothesis, the leisure read of my horoscope, the other day whilst I was having a cup of tea, made me think…

These astrologers must be great psychologist to characterize an individuality in such depth, and yes, the details described are fascinatingly correct at times! But what strikes me most, is the fact that they have been able to group the worlds entire population into just 12 unifying clusters. We, as a population are a clockwork, time-slicing each year into 12 sections, that actually make up who we are! Have you ever thought about it this way?

The traits ascribed to specifically my zodiac sign, are extremely often really pretty precise! Either, someone spreading those horoscopes out there has actually asked or analyzed me, which I cannot remember actually ever happening, or, there really are people out there that too have these traits, quirks, and habits. So, I am in fact not alone out there, (ok, I knew this.. 🙂 ), but, there are other people out there, who are likely to be born under the same star sign, if their family is their holy haven, home is where their heart is, going out is nice but they’d rather be home baking cake. If all argument hits their stomach, all flu centres on the nose and tonsils; if they have an artistic trait and are handy with tools and repairs. (Did you ever hear of  people out there that have “two left hands”?? Is this a trait? Can it be blamed on the time of birth?! What about people who easily blush? Why do we not all?).

It is interesting! Why do some people always only ever have affections of a certain nature and never any others, while others never get these same ones, but are impacted by whatever else? Why are Cancers maternal and domestic, while Leo is out and about, always taking centre of any stage, with the universe revolving around him? Why is Aries more prone to accidents, and Libra has a disposition to kidney troubles? Why does Taurus have an increased frequency of contracting throat diseases, while Virgo tends more to intestinal complaints? Is there a red thread here, or is this just humbug?

This phenomenon means that there is indeed such a thing as a constitution, to be precise, that there are 12 of these constitutions. As such, there must therefore be constitutional diseases and injuries that the individual zodiac signs are more prone to, or that they at least have a marked predisposition to. What furthermore, is quite interesting is that these constitutions are not wholly miasmatic aspects, as they are influenced by the time of birth. Or actually, the other way round, the constitution of a patient has not solely hereditary traits, but also those influenced by the zodiac. Interesting, right?

Can this simplify homeopathic prescribing? I could imagine that this knowledge reduces the amount of remedies adequate for a particular injury of a patient from a specific zodiac sign, and therefore reduces the repertoire of materia medica that may be needed in an individuals’ treatment. Remedies can, as a consequence, also be grouped into these 12 groups and as such can simplify the treatment.

I have come to realize that there are homeopaths employing this approach of categorization as an aid in their prescribing. For me this was a new trail of thought, and albeit acknowledging the existence of personality traits specific to the star signs, the identification of, or matching of a remedy to the individual, taking into account his zodiac, had previously not crossed my mind.

I can imagine this approach serving as an adjunctive tool for the verification and confirmation of a prescription, but cannot imagine it as a standalone approach! We are after all highly individualized beings, and even our star signs incorporate idiosyncratic variables that set us apart from other members of our zodiac. Nonetheless, it is an interesting label under which to group character traits and remedies, and it means that we all share aspects of one of 12 specific constitutions.

So, there is some true value in our horoscopes for the practising homeopath! We must however take the daily words of celestial wisdom with a twinkle in the eye, while we, even unknowingly, follow that red thread, our destined direction of life. This could be an indicator to the group of diseases we, by our nature, may contract, and may point to the appropriate remedy to treat these afflictions. Horoscopes are therefore, a tool to keep in mind!