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It is the most widely known remedy of the Bach flower essences, the Rescue-remedy. A complex preparation of 5 different flower remedies: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, and Clematis. This combination is an emergency formula intended to provide relief, and enable immediate treatment in cases of crisis, trauma and stress [1].

The constituents are aimed at treating:

Impatience, Frustration & Agitation, Shock, Fear, Panic & Terror [1]. Anticipated fear. Nervousness, tension, tantrums. Detachment from reality, loss of focus, confusion, withdrawal [2]. Trauma, PTSD, fear of loosing control. Suicidal thoughts [3].

As such, Rescue has been a valuable companion to many, and has done a good service relaxing, calming, lowering stress, revitalizing, reconnecting and strengthening persons needing this little helpers assistance.

Only very recently has a homeopathic proving been conducted of a homeopathic remedy derived from the Rescue remedy complex. It is, among others, indicated for [4]:

– Anxiety attacks, chest pain with anxiety.

– Anticipatory anxiety, palpitation, restlessness.

– Adrenal burnout.

– Emotional compromise.

– Pressure. Need for release of internal pressure. Suppressed emotions.

– Lack of confidence.

– Disconnection.

– Loss of connectedness.

– Recurrence of trauma / injury.

– Anxiety, vulnerability.

– Morbid thoughts.

– Dyslexia.

I was introduced to this remedy as a homeopathic medicine, some 15 years ago when there was not yet a proving of this as a homeopathic substance.

I have used it for the fear and anxiety that rocks the foundations, for example after an earthquake; sometimes instead of Aconitum in anxiety, trauma and stress; for palpitations with restlessness and anxiety, and nervous angina pectoris.

I remember a cattle farmer telling me that she regularly lost new born calves that were weak and frail following their birth. When she had resorted to potentised Rescue, she had not lost any. In previous seasons always 5 to 7.

Homeopathic Rescue remedy is one of those remedies that I always have in my bag and definitely in my home-kit. My use over the years has shown that the experienced effects are, most of the time, stronger than those of the unpotentised Rescue. That may be subjective, or down to the nature of what was treated, and of course its not a cure-all, but if and where indicated invaluable as a homeopathic potency.


The full proving is downloadable at [4] below:



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