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I was having random thoughts while having a cuppa tea!!


Occasionally, when letting my mind wander, while having a cuppa tea…I brainstorm and develop new ideas! Many I drop after said cuppa and never resume further reflection on, … but others, do not let my mind go, and this brain then keeps working away incessantly, and that is how CLEVER H. happened.


I got up at least 7 times after I had already gone to bed, just to jot down a few notes that sprung into mind by that vividly working organ in my head. Not that my mind had stopped after the 7th time, no, … I had taken pen and paper to bed with me. By the morning then an outline of this prospective new mag was down in scribbles, almost illegible, which was not surprising as I could not bother to switch on the light every time a new idea crept up.


I had put my notes on this paper without any order, diagonal, straight, squashed in at the edge, upside down, big and small, bold and fine script. Yet,there is order in chaos.., or.. at least in my little universe most of the time… and that order is now a brand new homeopathic magazine, CLEVER H.


Well, its a trial, and I am beginning to love it!!


So, here it is… what about this mag? – an editorial:



The first of hopefully many more issues of a brand new and exciting Magazine! “Clever H.” – written by homeopaths, for homeopaths, with focus on the well-being of the patient is out! This magazine seeks to inform on a quarterly basis of topics pertaining to our daily practice, current research and the wisdom of our practising predecessors.


Each issue is to have a subject focus and seeks to inform in-depth and from different angles of the topic in question!


The theme of its 1st Issue is SPORTS! What could be more up to date in a summer designated to a huge event like a Football / Soccer World Championship! While in Brazil the athletes are warming up and giving their best in their matches, we practising homeopaths can reflect and be reminded of the potential that lies within our powerful remedies for the amateur and professional sports persons and their exhausted or injured physique. This issue therefore seeks to shed some light on the homeopathic treatment of sports-injuries, the state of research, and the potential value of homeopathy for the enhancement of performance.


This first issue of “Clever H” is a trial run. The articles contained have all been written by me. I hope for future issues some of you may be interested in becoming part of this venture and may want to participate by contributing articles, cases, experiential reports etc.. Please feel free to author an article and submit it for consideration in one of our following issues! The ‘therapeutic relationship’ will be the focus of the coming issue!


If you have comments, recommendations or ideas…get in touch! I’d love to hear what you think!


I hope you enjoy this new Mag and find the information contained useful!


Kind regards