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In the Organon [1], Hahnemann outlines aspects to consider and pay particular attention to when interviewing a patient. He describes how a patients case history is to be taken, and reminds of elements in the comportment and behaviour of the practitioner that aid the patient-practitioner relationship. These guidelines aim to facilitate to a practitioner the retrieval of relevant information from the patient, such that an appropriate curative remedy may be prescribed.

A compilation of these directions that Hahnemann outlines to the practising homeopath in his Organon [1], is available here: http://hpathy.com/organon-philosophy/hahnemannian-art-taking-case/

[1] Hahnemann, S. (1974). Organon der Heilkunst (2.Auflage) 6B Heidelberg:Karl F. Haug Verlag.